January 5th, 2021

Bush Fire Hazard

2021 questions (5/365)

 January 5
What about your current life situation makes you feel grateful?

Given that we were thrust into another national lockdown at 8 pm last night with a disgraceful abruptness that left a lot of people with no time to plan to suddenly be stuck at home again for at least the next six weeks, I struggled with this one.

If I'm going to be stuck at home, however, I'm grateful to be here with family members who can produce things like this:


This is Humuhumu's to-do list from a couple of days ago. I note that she did manage to achieve "put a flappy fish under a pillow". The flappy fish is an electronic catnip toy that Telstar received for Christmas. The pillow was mine. The desired result - Mummy jumping up from the bed and shrieking in surprise and amusement - happened long after she went to sleep, so she didn't get to tick it off until the next day.

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