April 16th, 2020

me: ooh!

Day 63/183: Anthotypes

A couple of days ago, the children picked a mass of wild garlic so that we could try cha_mel_eon’s technique for making anthotypes. The choice of plant material is the first deviation from her method, as she used wild spinach. The effect of this difference will become apparent later. Be grateful that this post doesn’t involve smell-o-vision as the whole process reeked. The smell of wild garlic is much more powerful than the taste, but this doesn’t help when you aren’t eating it.

Ingredients and tools:
  • Phone camera
  • Wild garlic, approx 50 g
  • Vodka, approx 30 mL
  • Hand blender and jug
  • Bowl, teaspoon, and fine sieve
  • Brush (calligraphy style)
  • Two sheets of sketch paper
  • Two empty picture frames
  • Direct sunlight
  • Time
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