April 15th, 2020

me: ooh!

Day 62/183: Blue Steel gets a haircut at home

We bought a pair of clippers so that the bloke could cut Keiki’s hair, and I could cut the bloke’s. Here is the result of Experiment 1 from yesterday. Keiki didn’t sit still or stop yelling while his hair was being cut, which was completely unexpected given that he is an absolute angel at the Turkish barber. They frequently take over half an hour to groom him and he loves every second of it. I guess the home experience doesn’t have the same frisson.

Experiment 2 was conducted today. I watched a couple of YouTube videos and then set to work. I feel I should mention here that I’ve never previously used clippers in my life, nor attempted to give another person a haircut.

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The pandemic apocalypse continues to force us to test our capacity at new skills daily. Some of them we hope to hone and use henceforth. Some of them we hope never to have to try again once released from lockdown. It remains to be determined which of these categories “cutting other family members’ hair” falls into.

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