August 7th, 2019

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USA holiday timeline timeline

Hello dear online community. I have missed you all. I'm slowly making my way back through the timelines, but if there's anything you'd like me to respond to specifically, please PM me with the link.

We've spent most of the last few weeks in the USA, visiting my family. My apologies to anyone located in these places who would have liked to meet up; my parents were distraught due to the very recent death of one of my father's sisters, and my auntie had an itinerary planned for us which was magnificent and also jam-packed.

I'm currently assembling all my photos (thousands between phone and dSLR) to make a book of the trip. Humuhumu has expressed a desire to help me as she adores the ones I've made out of previous trips and pores over them regularly. So we'll be making a project out of it. Below the cut is a very rough timeline, without photos, to get us started.

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