February 13th, 2019

me: braaains

Three Icons meme

hamsterwoman choose three of my icons for me to explain.

“OMG iz fulla stars.” The problem with responding to this meme is that the last time I added an icon which wasn’t a Pokémon commission was probably about five years ago. I saw this somewhere and asked if I could use it. It’s for me “I’m going to write about geeky (space) science things” posts.

“If an opinion is worth having, it is worth having in capslock in public.” Once again, I’m pretty sure I got this off the [community profile] capslock_dreamwidth community. Possibly from [personal profile] azurelunatic? I DON’T KNOW. But the sentiment stands. I don’t ALL CAPS often but when I do, I MEAN IT.

“Will not survive the zombie apocalypse.” Ooh, now this one I think is particularly cool, and I don’t use it enough. A few years ago when I went to San Diego, I visited with My Mate Josh. One of the things Josh does as part of his living is operate an MRI scanner. You know, for SCIENCE. He asked if I wanted to have my brain scanned. Which, HELL YES I want my brain scanned, tyvm. So he scanned my brain, and then he did some fun visualisation with the data, and voila: I now have an icon featuring a view through the top of my skull into my brain. My brain appears in all respects to be physically healthy, at least, so clearly I will make a delicious dinner when the zombie apocalypse does finally strike.

I know the tradition is to continue the cycle of icon explainery by asking if others want me to choose three of theirs. However, I am already behind on comment replies and I do not see that getting better until the middle of next week at the earliest, so I ask forgiveness for taking without giving back in this instance.

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