February 12th, 2019

me: abby

Quality Street

Today I bought a box of Quality Street chocolates on my way in to the office because I felt like I needed to share chocolate with my officemates to get through the day. I was delighted to discover that we all have different favourites. I am now convinced that this is a foolproof test of how well a team will get on with one another. Here are their preferences, with code names that actually suit them frighteningly well.

Christopher Robin - Toffee finger
Tigger - Orange Creme
Eeyore - Toffee Deluxe
Owl - Coconut Eclair
Kanga - Strawberry Delight
Me* - The Purple One
[Other team's Tigger - Caramel Swirl]
[Other team’s Owl - Fudge]

* An internet survey tells me I’m Pooh. I don't buy it.

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