January 24th, 2019

me: ooh!

That survey meme wot everyone is doing.

Seen several times. It feels like an appropriate Throwback Thursday sort of thing. I remember back when everyone on LJ used to do All The Memes, surveys, and quizzes, and I could find out what sort of unicorn/D&D character/Pokémon my friends were, and how annoyed some people used to get when other people didn't put their results behind a cut. Ahhhhh, those were the days. :P

How old are you?
In my forties.

No. I could never think of a design I wanted to have permanently engraved upon me. Apart from a bar code for sliced bread on the back of my neck, but I am sufficiently amused imagining that, rather than going through the hassle and expense of having it done.

Ever hit a deer?
No, I’ve never hit any mammals, large or small, with a vehicle, and I really hope I never do.

Ridden in an ambulance?
Yes, and it was very embarrassing. It turns out when you faint in a train station whilst heavily pregnant, people insist that you go to hospital for checks, even if you tell them you’re absolutely fine and want to go home.

Sang karaoke?
Only once. It was with a group of people and I can’t remember what we sang. I remember it being fun, though.

Ice skated?
Yes, as a child.

Ridden a motorcycle?
As a passenger, yes.

Stayed in hospital?
Twice (giving birth), for one night.

Skipped school?
Once, to attend the protests over the Gulf War (the early 1990s one). I got detention - the only time I ever had it - and that was when I discovered detention is just really darn boring.

Last phone call?
Was at work, with a colleague on the EU team.

Last text from?
The bloke, making sure I’d got home okay.

Watched someone die?
Yes, my grandpa, in hospital. And a few other people under various random circumstances, like the man who had a heart attack outside Simmering station in Vienna. I was carrying a sleeping Humuhumu in a sling on my front, so was glad there were other people around to summon the paramedics, who couldn’t revive him.

Pepsi or Coke?
Diet Coke. I don’t drink it often, but sometimes cool fizzy cola drink is a treat.

Favorite pie?
Are we talking savoury or sweet? Savoury would be a battle between chicken & leek, and fish. Sweet would be pumpkin.

Favorite pizza?
Hawai’ian. Anyone who has anything to say about how they think pineapple on pizza is wrong can go and say it somewhere else, where I can’t hear you. Capiche?

Favorite season?
Summer. I like it hot. Goodness knows what I’m doing living in the UK.

Broken bones?
No, I’ve sprained my ankles several times, but never broken anything.

Received a ticket?
Yes, a parking ticket, once, about twenty years ago. Which my dad got whilst driving my car. I’m not still bitter about this. Really.

Favorite color?
Black. Forever.

Sunset or sunrise?
Sunrise. I’m a morning person. An aggravatingly chipper one. Sorry/not sorry, y’all.

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