November 1st, 2018

lolcat: science

Day 305/365: The Sun: Living with Our Star

To kick off this eleventh twelfth of a weariness, I bring you the Sun, an object of which we can expect to see very little in the UK during the month of November.

Humuhumu and I spent well over an hour in the Science Museum exhibition “The Sun: Living with Our Star”. She enjoyed all the objects in the exhibit, but particularly the hands-on things, like reading different types of sundial, and seeing how much solar power she could generate using a set of rotatable mirrors (see below).

Humuhumu maximising her solar power generation.

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Last but not least, we were very excited to see one of Mummy’s work colleagues in a video in the exhibition!

Helen in the lab, pretending to do something important with a bunch of cables. Or maybe she’s not pretending - she is wearing a grounding strap! :D Anyway, she’s saying, “I have touched this object and now it’s going to go up into space.” Which is a pretty cool thing to be able to say.

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This is only a small and highly personal sampling of the objects, activities and videos on display. We enjoyed them all, and it was well worth the £15 price of admission (for me; children 16 and under go free). Do go, if you can! It’s on through early May of next year.

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