October 15th, 2018

me: wrong side of the mirror

Day 288/365: Stockholm by day, Stockholm by night

Stockholm by day - taken on Sunday morning

I rose early, partly because I always do and partly because I wanted to get some breakfast in me and take a walk around a bit of the city before catching the train to Uppsala to see a friend. A bitter wind was blowing but it was not as grim and wet as the forecast had been predicted, though I did yearn for the scarf and gloves I’d foolishly left at home.

Stockholm by day
Granite lion. These are not merely decorative, although they are in this particular location; they also help to prevent vehicular attack on the streets with heaviest pedestrian traffic.

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Stockholm by night - taken on Friday evening

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As I staggered home from the rock bar on Friday night, it turns out I also took some photos with my dSLR. A few of them even turned out OK.

Stockholm at night
Inflatable ghost hovering over one of the main shopping avenues, because the Swedes appear to have embraced Halloween.

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