September 22nd, 2018

me: ooh!

Day 265/365: Shaggy Pony races

Hellooooo friends I have been down the pub and the bloke is putting the children to bed and tomorrow I have some fantastic rhubarb-&-ginger gin cocktails recipes to share with you but for now I give you some pre-organised pony pictures. Now I have to have more gin. Yes. Byeeee.

It’s been very windy here, and it seems to have been getting the shaggy ponies’ blood up. They’ve been playing tag, or possibly having races, with their horse companion. Maybe it’s the equine version of Calvinball?

Shaggy pony races
Three abreast: Cousin It, daughter What, and Horse.

Shaggy pony races
This looked like a race at first, but then What nosed Horse just before side-stepping and zooming off.

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