September 21st, 2018

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Day 264/365: Friday’s Unscientific Poll: Birthday presents

Dear Readers, this weekend contains my birthday, on which I become the answer to life, the universe, and everything! (Douglas Adams fans will have immediately deduced how old I am. Everyone else will have to use Google.)

I’m very pleased about this, and am considering whether I should attempt to do another project in celebration of it, because naturally I am not busy enough with this daily blog project + full time job + bringing up two small children. One of the nice things that has happened in my forties is that I’ve accepted that some of my flaws are never going to go away, like voluntarily taking on too many responsibilities, and that I should just accept that I’m probably not going to finish everything I start.

Anyway, as my birthday approaches, there have been cards and gifts arriving with each day’s post. Not loads, I hasten to add, but enough to keep my curiosity piqued. And thus, today’s Unscientific Poll.

Poll #2085280 Birthday presents

When it's my birthday, I like for my gifts to be

a complete surprise. I put them aside and don't look at or touch them until the day.
thoroughly prodded, poked, shaken, and pondered. I consider volume, shape, sound, weight, and (if known) the giver's identity, and then I attempt to deduce what's inside.