September 16th, 2018


Day 259/365: rm -rf /2018-09-16. It's like that.

I’ve had an exhausting single-parenting day which involved a lot of cleanup of a pre-schooler who has backslid (ahem) in terms of his ability to use the toilet. It has been even less fun than it sounds. So here, have a photo of a lovely tuxie cat, rather than any further elaboration on that subject.

[Telstar lolling on the falling-apart armchair in the front room. He’s lying on a tattered cushion and Humuhumu’s purple mermaid cuddly toy.]

Oh, and I finished off the evening by doing the ironing. I loathe ironing. It is normally the bloke’s Sunday evening chore, but obviously he’s not here right now so I have to do it. This day can be immediately consigned to the forgottenest dustbin of the unswept corners of distant memory.

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