August 31st, 2018

mizuno: lil naughty

Day 243/365: Friday’s Unscientific Poll: Australian Treats

[The lab’s current chocolate stash, from left to right: Tim Tams, Mint Slices, Caramello Koalas.]

One of my colleagues just came back from a month in Australia, visiting her partner’s family. As is traditional, she brought a stash of treats to the lab. This consisted of the following:

Tim Tams: Generous layer of milk chocolate coating a chocolate biscuit interior. Like an inverted bourbon. Or a Penguin on steroids.
Mint Slices: Generous layer of milk chocolate coating a smooth minty interior. After Eights on steroids.
Caramello Koalas: Milk chocolate koalas with caramel filling. I can't think of a UK equivalent.

Poll #2084641 Australian Treats

My favourite of these is/I would most like to try

Tim Tams.
Mint Slices.
Caramello Koalas.