July 19th, 2018

me: wrong side of the mirror

Day 200/365: A story in four photos

This is a story about a couple of cabbage white butterflies.

Cabbage White 1: Incoming! Hey!
Cabbage White 2: Mmmm, delicious oregano flower.

Cabbage White 1: Hey! Yeah, you! Share!
Cabbage White 2: I’m ignoring you now.

Cabbage White 1: I said SHARE!
Cabbage White 2: Still ignoring you.

Cabbage White 1: *flounced*
Cabbage White 2: HA. Showed you. Mmmm, delicious oregano flower.

It is ridiculous, by the way, how much the butterflies fight over the oregano flowers. We let the plant take over the herb patch every summer because it is so popular with all types of butterflies, and some day-flying moths. There are typically 15-20 feeding on it all day, every day. There are more than enough flowers for all of them.

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