July 14th, 2018

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Day 195/365: A Caturday survey, via silveradept

Telstar at sunset
Telstar at sunset, sitting on the lock’s edge on high alert.

  1. How many/what kind of pets do you have? One middle-aged, very handsome, very friendly male tuxedo cat.

  2. Names? Telstar/Telly/Cattus/Teldos (from when Humuhumu couldn’t say his name properly)

  3. How old are they? He turns nine next month.

  4. How did you get your pets? A friend of ours, on hearing that we were planning to adopt a cat, turned up with Telstar and his brother Sputnik in a cardboard carrier when they were about 9 weeks old. Neighbours of his had found a pregnant cat and their three teenage daughters spent their summer holidays doing nothing but cuddling the kittens. As a result, both Telstar and Sputnik are (were) by far the nicest and gentlest cats I have ever met.

  5. Was it love at first sight? Yup.

  6. What makes your pet one of a kind? He’s completely soft and sweet with humans, but absolutely lethal to his prey. In his younger days, he would bring us a daily offering, usually a small mammal. We still get offerings but they’re much less frequent.

  7. What is your absolute favorite thing about your pets? He trusts and loves us, and that is reciprocal.

  8. What's the funniest thing your pets have ever done? As a kitten, he attempted to pounce on the moon, which was reflected in the frozen surface of the pond in our back garden. That ended, predictably, with a mournful and bedraggled Telstar wrapped in a towel. There was also the time he chased a full-grown pheasant into the bloke’s parents’ house one afternoon over Christmas, presumably as a suggestion for what we ought to have for supper.

  9. What's the naughtiest thing your pet has ever done? It was both artistic and gruesome, but once when we went away for a weekend, he eviscerated and partially consumed a grey squirrel at the top of the landing. The nose, a couple of paws and innards were scattered around the hindquarters and tail, which had been arranged (deliberately??) to look as though the squirrel had attempted to teleport through the landing. There are photos behind the cut, but I warn you, they are quite unpleasant.

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  10. Please tell your pet I love them, because it's true. With pleasure.

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