June 18th, 2018

kusanagi: amused

Day 169/365: Do you like piña colada

Last week I had a cold. Yep. That one was like a cute little warm-up baby cold for the one that hit me last night. This is the kind of cold where no matter what kind of high-strength cold medicine you take, your nostrils keep dripping like a tap and your head feels twice its normal size. To top things off, I've fallen to the Communists*.

So I'm just gonna sit back with my herb tea and pile of blankets, and enjoy my new Netflix subscription (I know, I know, I just discovered Netflix. Yep that's me, totally 2000-and-late) and watch Guardians of the Galaxy which, it turns out, is hilarious (see previous parenthetical interjection).

* Am surfing the crimson wave/Aunt Irma is visiting/insert your favourite euphemism here

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