June 2nd, 2018

me: wrong side of the mirror

Day 153/365: Enjoying the Orangery at Hanbury Hall

Humuhumu and a school friend walk along the edging inside Hanbury Hall's orangery. Hashtag latergram.

I'm mostly answering comments tonight so it's a quick one today. I spent the morning dangling the afternoon playdate carrot in front of them to get them to help sort through their toys, clothes and books. We finished filling up a big bag for the charity shop. Then the afternoon playdate came and it was lovely. I caught up with a mum-friend and the kids ran around the garden and ate ice lollies. After they left, Keiki fell asleep in front of Humuhumu's umpteenth viewing of the My Little Pony film.

Now I'm going to put some fresh mint into a glass of lemonade and continue to answer comments. <3

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