May 23rd, 2018

me: ooh!

Day 143/365: Unclutter bingo card

As a project-within-a-project, and because the state of my home office is beginning to horrify me, I’m making myself an Unclutter Bingo Card, with the goal of completing at least one of these tasks per week and finishing by the end of the year.

paperwork shredding photography equipment my clothing under the bed kids’ clothing
stationery holiday decorations makeup abandoned project kids’ craft materials
dvd unclutter bingo card WILD CARD jewellery paperwork filing
bedside books medicine cabinet knick-knack pantry toy bucket
painting materials computer backup cd/lp e-mail something that makes you feel guilty

Plain text version of the list
unclutter bingo card, my clothing, jewellery, pantry, photography equipment, dvd, kids’ craft materials, paperwork filing, knick-knack, stationery, e-mail, computer backup, bedside books, medicine cabinet, toy bucket, makeup, something that makes you feel guilty, holiday decorations, under the bed, paperwork shredding, painting materials, abandoned project, cd/lp, kids’ clothing

The list is included as plain text above, in case you wish to use it as a basis to generate your own bingo card. (I used the 5x5-with-Wild Card option. h/t to [personal profile] fred_mouse for the link and the idea.) Please note I have included “Unclutter bingo card” on the bingo card. I will passionately defend this as a correct choice, in the same way that putting “Write list” as the first item on a to-do list is.

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