April 29th, 2018

me: walk softly and carry big stick

Day 119/365: The Friday Five on a Sunday

  1. What was your favorite toy as a child?
    It was a particular type of rubber duck that was extremely soft. I loved to rub its beak against my face. Unfortunately the rubber was so soft that it tended to go hard and crack after a few months, so I went through quite a lot of them.

  2. What did you name it?
    They were all named “Ducky”.

  3. Who gave it to you?
    My parents. Usually it was my dad who would buy a new one when the old one went yucky.

  4. Do you still have it?
    Well, no. See the answer to question 1.

  5. If not, what happened to it?
    I’m sure my last ducky has long since disintegrated into dust. I think that this particular choice of favourite toy, along with the other circumstances of my childhood, was instrumental in teaching me about transience, and how not to become overly attached to any one object.

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