April 21st, 2018

me: wrong side of the mirror

Day 111/365: Vienna: Day 1

View of the Rathaus (City Hall) from the windows of our Viennese flat.

On our first full day in Vienna, I put the telephoto lens on my dSLR and took a few shots out the windows of our flat.

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The first ice cream photo [Day 101] was taken on our walk back to the flat.

Later that afternoon, we had a walk through the Museumsquartier, where Keiki and Humuhumu said hello to the ducks outside the Leopold Museum, who remain blissfully ignorant of the sign which sternly reminds the public that animals are not allowed in the fountain.

Keiki and Humuhumu pull silly faces in front of the fountain. The Mumok (modern art museum) is in the background.

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