April 18th, 2018


Day 108/365: And now for something completely different: a cheerful PokéGo post

Screenshot of a shiny pink Ampharos.

On Community Day, when I was back in the UK I caught a shiny Mareep straightaway, and jumped for joy because I had just acquired enough Mareep candies to achieve the full evolution cycle. And now I have a beautiful shiny pink Ampharos in my backpack. Huzzah!

From a PokéGo perspective, it was fantastic being in central Vienna, where the Pokéstops are as dense as forest trees, during the Spring event. I managed to evolve a number of Hoenn region Pokémon, and I got a Moltres from doing Field Research. Hat-tip to the bloke for helping me with completing sequential curveball throw tasks. I’m very pleased there’s now a way to get Legendaries without having to battle in difficult raids, which would require interacting with other people. (That’s just not my favourite aspect of playing any game!)

That said, the reason I’m making this post is that when I got to London this morning, I found that [personal profile] kaberett had popped a Snorlax in a local gym. I added my Alakazam, and fed the Snorlax a few berries. Seeing a friend’s Pokémon is not quite the same thing as seeing said friend, but it still put a big smile on my face.

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