April 15th, 2018

me: ooh!

Day 105/365: The Friday Five on a Sunday

  1. Has the weather where you are finally started acting like spring is here?
    The week before last, at the start of April, I would have said no, as temperatures were unseasonably low. I spent last week in Central Europe, where daytime temperatures stayed firmly in the mid-twenties Celsius and the skies were clear. That definitely made it feel like spring. It's rather cooler in the UK, but still mild. The daffodils are out, and that makes it feel like it's properly spring now.

  2. Do you have any special spring activities or outings planned?
    We've had our Easter holiday trips now (to the castle, and to Vienna), so I feel like we've already completed our "special" spring activities. We do need to plant our veggies, probably the weekend after next.

  3. Have you started wearing different clothing appropriate to spring?
    I swapped from my wool coat to my waterproof mac last week, and that always makes it feel like spring has arrived. I've stopped wearing my tall boots with my jeans as well.

  4. What signs of spring are manifesting around you?
    The daffodils, as previously mentioned. The lambs all seem to have been born in the farms around us. There are a lot of mating beetles in the garden, and we've seen a few hardy caterpillars emerge. I need to fill the bird feeders tomorrow and see if we can attract more of the seasonal migrants.

  5. Are there special foods you enjoy preparing and/or eating in the spring?
    I feel that the foods I stop eating when the weather warms up are more indicative of the arrival of spring. Like stews and roasts and chilli.

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