April 11th, 2018

mizuno: lil naughty

Day 101/365: Vanille und schokolade

Vanille und schokolade
Keiki and Humuhumu on a bench eating ice creams with their grandparents. Who also have ice creams. It is difficult to tell who is most smug.

If you are sensing a strong ice-cream-based theme to these photos, you are not wrong. I'm afraid I have once again been out wandering the streets of Vienna once the children are asleep* and am thus posting whilst gently Aperol-infused. I'm really happy to have finally been for a drink** in the Museumsquartier on a warm spring evening. Hellooooo

* Many blessings upon all grandparents willing to babysit of an evening
** Possibly inaccurate use of the singular

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