March 17th, 2018

me: wrong side of the mirror

Day 76/365: Seasonal visitors

The snow departed more than a week ago*, but I wanted to share these photos of unusual visitors to our garden who appeared over the course of that long cold spell. I do believe our feeders kept our local population alive during it, and also provided a much appreciated welcome to the arrivals who’d been overwintering elsewhere. We don’t normally see the following birds in our garden. They only come to us when their need is great.

A wagtail. This one was with us for the entirety of the cold spell, and got in frequent arguments with the robins.

Collapse )

We also spotted a fieldfare and a green finch, but I didn’t get any decent photos of them.

* I prepared this post yesterday, blithely thinking that because the temperatures had been in the double digits (Celsius) for the past few days, spring was finally around the corner. Guess what it did today. That's right. IT SNOWED. -.-
** Yes, this was the legendary rainbow cake selected by Humuhumu for her Daddy's birthday. We all got a little sick of it so there was a small piece left over that we forgot and then found after it had become thoroughly dried out.

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