March 4th, 2018

me: ooh!

Day 63/365: The Friday Five on a Sunday

This week's Friday five is a "Would you rather" [hobbies version].

  1. shop // sunbathe: I do like shopping, but only when I'm on holiday and without the children. But sunbathing wins this one for me. I'd prefer to be on a sandy beach. I'll take poolside sunbathing if it's the only thing going, but sandy beach sunbathing with a book or just fishing through the sand idly looking for tiny shells takes me back to the happiest parts of my childhood.

  2. dance // sing: Dancing by a country mile, although not to country music. I love dancing. I used to get asked, "What are you on?" or "Are you rolling?" at clubs and raves. To which my replies were almost invariably, "Water" and "No".

  3. watch college football // watch NFL: Ufffff, very US-centric options. In general, I'd nope out of both of these unless it would be unsociable not to, in which case I'd probably be asking if anyone wanted me to get the beer in or make the nachos/popcorn. :D

  4. write // read: Noooooo, you can't make me choose! Both, all the time.

  5. chat online with friends // hang out with friends: This is interesting to me, because I don't differentiate between these. I've been using the internet socially for over two decades. Perhaps also because I have moved so frequently and so physically far over the course of my life, I don't feel that not physically seeing my friends is detrimental to my friendships with them. Sure, I still drift from some of them and that makes me sad sometimes, but that has more to do with changing or evolving values and frequency of communication (online or in person) than it does with the type of interaction that I have with them.

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