March 2nd, 2018

me: ooh!

Day 61/365: Snow day + Friday's Unscientific Poll

The cut in snow
The canal, partially iced over, and the pub, viewed from beneath a bridge.

We had a snow day today. Humuhumu's school was shut, the roads are an ice rink and Keiki has a fever anyway, so it made sense to stay home. Around 4 PM, however, we were all getting a bit restless so we decided to tog up and venture down the towpath to the one destination within easy walking distance: the pub. Drinks, snacks, friendly neighbours' doggies, and the roaring open fire were enjoyed by all.

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Poll #2078951 Empty glasses

When I'm at the pub and I finish my drink, I

Take my empty glass with me when I go to the counter to order
Leave my empty glass on the table

If I'm with a group and it's my round, I

Take their empty glasses with me
Leave their empty glasses on the table