February 28th, 2018

me: ooh!

Day 59/365: Arrival of the Beast + PokéGo update

Snowstorm over the canal
The fabled Beast from the East, about which the UK newspapers have been emoting for days, finally seems to have arrived in the West Midlands. Prior to this we had been thinking it was all just a lot of Hysteria from Siberia. But now, in addition to the cold which has seen the canal freeze over, we have the snow to match.

In far more significant news, I have, at long last, bagged myself a Lapras in Pokémon Go. It hatched from a 10 km egg. I was so happy. I've waited a year and a half for one of these.

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Other things I'm enjoying:
  • The PokéGo map and catch screens reflect the current weather conditions, and the snow effects are rather lovely.
  • I seem to be getting a much better ratio of 2 km/5 km/10 km eggs. It used to be that I always had eight 5 km eggs and maybe one other. Now I have almost equal numbers of the three types.
  • My Rock-type badge went gold, and my Pikachu badge went silver with the latest proliferation of the party-hatted versions.
  • Have acquired 300+ Wailmer candies. Getting There.

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