February 27th, 2018

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Day 58/365: A cacophony of goldfinches

(With apologies to those of you on DW who may have already seen this in the [community profile] common_nature community, but I have had a long day at work and am too tired to compose a new post.)

A cacophany of goldfinches (with snow)
Things are a bit exciting around the bird feeders at the moment. It has been very cold for several days here in the UK, and I've noticed an increasing number of regular visitors to our garden. I'm having to fill the feeders every day. Today I filled the main seed feeder twice. There are currently five goldfinches feeding in the garden. I've never seen more than two at a time before. In this photo you can see four of them, plus a house sparrow and three blue tits, and a light dusting of snow.

Below the cut is one additional photo, in which you can see all five goldfinches, three sparrows, two blue tits and a robin.

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