February 12th, 2018

laibach: kitten

Day 43/365: Icon Meme: Explain Yourself!

(With apologies for back-to-back meme posts, but this is Day 5 of 6 of the bloke being on the other side of the globe and I’m low on spoons.) [personal profile] wordweaverlynn selected three icons for me to explain, and so I have done so.

First up is Tanz Mit Kitten.

The song “Tanz Mit Laibach” by Laibach is one of my favourite stompy dance tunes. I was pleased when Rather Good (of “We Like The Moon” fame) decided to animate it with jackbooted kittens. Please do NOT click the following link if you are allergic to jerky animated images accompanied by loud repetitive music. Stompy Kittens Ahoy.

I don’t use this icon very much, but now I’ve been reminded that it’s there, I shall probably do so with greater frequency.

Next is Little Naughty.

This purple-haired poison-drinking devil child came from the mind, and pen, of artist Junko Mizuno. She has written several adorably creepy and occasionally pornographic manga, some of which are (very loosely) based on fairy tales. I have a number of vinyl figures and t-shirts with her designs on them.

I’ve had this icon for many years and use it pretty regularly, usually when I’ve had a drop of whisky.

Finally, there is Broken Tachikoma.

Okay, so I’m not sure it’s a problem to spoil an anime that is this old, but nevertheless I will put the bulk of the description behind a cut. Tachikoma is a robot and comes from The Ghost in the Shell, which, if you peruse my other icons, you will see is one of my favourite stories ever. In this icon Collapse )

This is the “my heart is breaking” icon. I don’t have occasion to use it often in my own journal, but I use it when it’s appropriate on comments in others’.

If you would like to explain three of your icon choices, please leave a comment and I will select the ones that intrigue me.

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