January 30th, 2018

me: wrong side of the mirror

Day 30/365: Jelly brains

Last Halloween, the bloke picked up a novelty jelly mould. Up until that point, I had been making jelly in a simple ceramic bowl. Now, I can no longer make jelly unless it is in the jelly brain mould.

I mostly make strawberry jelly brains, since that is Humuhumu's favourite flavour. Once I made vegetarian jelly brains using agar powder and apple juice, when Sister-Out-Law and niecephews came to visit. I had intended to colour it red. Unfortunately, the only food colouring I had to hand was black. So I ended up making grey vegetarian jelly brains. They looked horrible. Tasted great, though.

I won't show you photos of the vegetarian jelly brains. These are gelatine jelly brains. Still jelly brains, though, so I've put them behind a cut.

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