January 22nd, 2018


Day 22/365: Gratuitous Icon Post

I was restraining myself from doing another gaming update for a week or so, but then [tumblr.com profile] girlwithribbon had a sketch sale which was advertised on [community profile] signalboost and I bought one, and LOOK AT IT.

Snorlax scratching its tummy and yawning. ♥

Coincidentally, I caught my first Snorlax in the wild during the Event last weekend. It was not a very strong one, but I didn’t mind. I also caught one of the surfing Pikachu in the farm shop car park. This almost made up for having to sit stationary on the M5 for 45 minutes afterward because of a vehicle fire.

I’ve finally earned enough Abra candies to evolve Alakazam. Once I do, that means I will have completed my Gen 1 collection apart from those I have yet to hatch from an egg (oh, Hitmonchan, where are you) or would have to battle for in a raid. I’m pleased about this.

I’m up to 186 Wailmer candies. My second ever Tangela hatched from a 5 km egg. My Jogger badge went gold (1000 km!). I caught a Lotad and a Zangoose. I am excited to evolve the Lotad.

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