January 13th, 2018

Bush Fire Hazard

Day 13/365: Fried Ukrainian flat breads with feta cheese and spring onions, pls try it.

Angry chef
Keiki singing whilst he sits on the kitchen counter rolling out dough with a rolling pin.

Whilst I took Humuhumu to a friend's birthday party (which involved bouncy castles for her and socialising with other mums for me, you get one guess which of us is more tired, aaaaanyway) the bloke and Keiki made Ukrainian flatbreads. Keiki made up a one-line song during the process. You could be forgiven for assuming the song went, "Ohhhhhh I'm rollin' out the dough, rollin' out the dough, rollin' out the dough" or something equally topical. But you would be underestimating Keiki's scatological turn of mind and penchant for death-metal-style screaming. So. This is how the song actually went.

"Poo in the night. Poo in the night! POO in the NIGHT! POO IN THE NIIIIIIIIGHT!"

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