January 1st, 2018

me: ooh!

Day 1/365: Welcome to 2018

I'm breaking with a long held resolution not to make serious New Year resolutions.

My resolutions are:

1) Pay off all non-mortgage related debts and do not take on any new ones.
2) Post to DW every day, even if it's just a short anecdote or a phone photo.

Keeping Resolution 2 today despite a prosecco-related hangover feels like a win. We rang in the new year with a games night (Articulate and Catan) with friends and rather a lot of booze. It was definitely worth it, but even though all four kids slept in until 8, today was a little foggy.

Current status: wrapped in a fluffy blanket on the sofa watching festive episode of Bake Off. Hello, Rav & Benjamina!

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