July 25th, 2016

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Things I Have Learnt in My First Week of Playing Pokémon Go

Things I Have Learnt in My First Week of Playing Pokémon Go:

  • Popping a Lucky Egg, deploying incense and hanging out by a Pokéstop that's got a lure going is an orgy of Pokémon collecting joy.
  • Likewise, saving up evolvable Pokémon until you've popped a Lucky Egg is an XP explosion of levelling-up delight.
  • The game is not well suited to rural environments. We have a single Pokéstop within a 1 mile radius, and we have to leave the house to get to it. I know, I know the point of the game is to go out walking, but it's quite difficult to do when you have small children that you can't leave alone/asleep in the house and they don't understand this sudden continual urge to amble up and down the canal towpath that their parents have developed.
  • If you can't regularly hit up a Pokéstop for a supply, Pokéballs are a precious resource not to be wasted on annoying, relatively low CP Pokémon that keep jumping out of your Pokéballs. I have a hard limit of 3 Pokéballs per Pokémon.
  • OTOH, living next to a canal means you get a lot of water-based Pokémon. I have caught a lot of Magicarp, which are apparently hard to find in other places. This is good because for some reason it takes 400 Magicarp candy to evolve one of the bloody things, whereas most other low- and mid-level Pokémon only need either 12 or 50. I'm up to 125 [ed: transposed the numbers. It was 152. Now 160] Magicarp candies.
  • I don't know what a Magicarp evolves into, but it'd better be pretty fantastic.
  • Wow, it's a battery-killer. I get a max of one hour of play out of a fully charged battery with the screen brightness turned all the way down and no other applications running. My phone's getting a bit tetchy (it's almost two years old), so that doesn't help, but even the bloke's relatively new phone doesn't last much longer.
  • Hatching an egg is a great way to make yourself get a lot of low-key exercise. The GPS tracking is calibrated so you can't fool it by driving (unless you're going under 10 mph), cycling or even running. You must walk, although I have managed to find a single exception...
  • ...Riding a London bus during commuter hours. Because the buses are travelling pretty slowly and they stop frequently, you can enter the minigame to catch Pokémon and not lose them. You also rack up the mileage (kilometerage?) on your incubating eggs, again because you are traveling slowly.
  • The Tube is not good for playing the game. Despite the stops, even if you're above ground you often lose 4G/3G signal and thus attempts to catch Pokémon end in wasted Pokéballs, which is always a bad thing.
  • I have hatched, evolved or collected 50 out of the currently available 147 Pokémon. If there's an update with more soon I may have to start putting (even more limits) on myself on when I'm allowed to play.
  • Three-year-olds are pretty good at throwing Pokéballs.
  • A good 3/4 of the people I've had passing conversations with in the past week happened explicitly because both the other person and myself were visibly playing the game.
  • I'm level 13+ 14 [ed: after today's lunchtime Pokéwalk] and I still haven't joined a team or visited a gym. You can tell which aspects of the game I like best, no?
  • I haven't had this much fun or been this hooked on a game since...well, since Neko Atsume. :P

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