March 12th, 2016

me: wrong side of the mirror

Sunny Saturday

Towpath walk 1

The photo above illustrates why, even though I take a bajillion photos a week, there are so few of me that aren't phone selfies. The taking of it went something like this. For context and those who aren't familiar with canal locks, the white-and-black wooden thing at the side of the frame next to Humuhumu is the bottom lock paddle. Hence, at the time this photo was taken, she was approaching a rather steep drop on the towpath.

"Honey, can you take a photo of Keiki and me?"
[Bloke takes camera, steps back.]
"No, not with the sun behind us!"
[Bloke steps quickly to the other side of us on the towpath, snaps two photos, runs toward me and shoves the camera back into my hands.]
[Bloke dashes to Humuhumu and stops her from careering wildly down the slope on her balance bike.]

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And finally, because it's Caturday, Telstar lording it over the garden.
Regal Cat

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