August 21st, 2015

me: wrong side of the mirror

Humuhumu Gets Glasses (with bonus cat)

Telstar, stretched out on the spare room bed. Someone please explain to me how I'm supposed to get any work done with this going on in the room? I mean, could he possibly luxuriate any harder? I THINK NOT.

Humuhumu was really tired when she got home from nursery yesterday. It was her first day wearing her glasses, so we let her lie down on the sofa and watch CBeebies for a while until she felt better.

Once she felt better, she got down on the floor in the front room and started playing with her toys. It was then that we started to see the true extent of the difference the glasses were making to her perception and her physical confidence.

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She wanted to put her glasses back on as soon as she got out of the bath in the evening, and again when she got up this morning. I don't think we're going to have any trouble getting her to keep them on. She clearly comprehends the improvement they're making, although it may be a few days before she becomes fully accustomed to the enhanced visual input!

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