March 14th, 2015

me: wrong side of the mirror

Bush Cottage, Shropshire

It’s becoming a tradition for us to stay in Landmark Trust properties for the bloke’s birthday. Our first one is still my favourite, St Winifred’s Well, but is sadly now not an option for us for a few years because it only sleeps two plus a baby small enough for a cot or a moses basket.

We stayed in our third LT property last weekend. It’s also one of the newest LT properties, not in terms of its age but of their acquisition of it (2012). It was restored by its anonymous donor, who lives in another property he restored in the woods nearby. The log book lore says that he couldn’t bear to see the place extended or altered after he’d tried to be so faithful to the original dimensions, so he gave it to the LT. Sadly, I didn’t get to delve into the cottage’s history since I was so ill, and neither did the bloke, since he was fully occupied with toddler and meal management.

But I still managed to take some pictures. We even had a brief outing on Saturday morning to the nearby picturesque riverfront town of Bewdley. We had coffee at a lovely shop, where Humuhumu behaved impeccably, right down to drinking her babyccino out of a pretty ceramic cup without spilling a drop. They gave us a slice of carrot cake so generously proportioned that all three of us walked out feeling stuffed. We managed a quick stroll along the riverfront promenade before I needed to be returned to the car and then put back in bed with Keiki.

This is mostly what I saw in the cottage during our visit when I was in a state to notice my surroundings: the play of light through the tiny-paned windows across the bedroom.

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Ready to jump down.

Since this place is so close to us and can sleep four, I predict we’ll return there so we should get another chance to learn more about its construction and former occupants.

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