July 16th, 2014

old-skool: science!

Space Summer School: Day 2 of "Geophysics of the Terrestrial Planets"

Friends, I eschew a blow-by-blow of today's events in favour of letting you know that I reached an important scientific milestone. I have collapsed the wave function of my knowledge of the existence of Erwin Schrödinger's grave.

As one of my scientist friends pointed out, however, since I didn't actually open up his grave, I still can't be certain he's really in there. For all I know, it could be occupied by a cat. I have yet to observe a cat in this village. Note to self: Remember to bring shovel next time.

[Schrödinger's grave marker, with wave equation.]

[Schrödinger's grave in context in the churchyard.]

Additional anecdote: Today's evening meal included a dessert called "Mohr im Hemd". Collapse )

Now I must return to the Schoolhouse for the night's mission planning session.

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