June 17th, 2014

me: ooh!

"Favourite Recipes of Hawaii Filipinos" Part 1 of many, I hope

My mom brought this book for me on her recent visit. It's just a little spiral-bound thing - "Souvenir Edition: Filipino 75th Anniversary Commemoration", compiled and edited by the Filipino Women's League.

I have a new project: Attempt to make every recipe in it by the end of a year's time. Here is the Table of Contents:

Collapse )

Now, making a lot of these is going to be a logistical challenge, given the ingredients required. Especially the one that requires fresh tropical flowers. I may have to come up with some manner of substitute. I have plenty of nasturtiums in the garden. :P

But by far my favourite in terms of the advance planning that's going to be necessary is "Lechon de Leche", which is a contender the most delicious food in the world unless you're vegetarian or vegan, in which case I apologise for the amount of salivating over meaty meatness that I'm doing as I type, and you may possibly want to skip the contents under the cut below.

Here is the first sentence of the recipe, which serves 75 people. Ask your butcher to dress a suckling pig, 25-50 lbs.Collapse )

Who wants to come over and help eat roast pig, then, eh?

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