May 12th, 2014

me: ooh!

On flying

Since the age of six, I've been on an average of four flights a year, with the average increasing significantly over the decade since moving to the UK. I have therefore flown more than a hundred times.

And it never, ever gets old. When we take off, I sit there going, "I know physics says this is possible, but oh mygod ohmygod ohmygod metal tube is lifting off into the air, ground is dropping away, WHY HAPPENING, wowowow look how far out there I can see! Tiny cars! Tiny houses! Ooh, we've reached cloud level! THIS IS AMAZING I AM EXCITE." I fail at being a coolly unimpressed experienced frequent flyer.

I always take a window seat if I can get one on short-haul flights and spend as much time as possible gazing out of it. Even when all I can see is the tops of clouds. Because they make cloud-cities and cloud-mountains and cloud-deserts*, you know, so it's still interesting.

Now I'm in Noordwijk and it's wet and cold and horrible but I'm snug in my favourite boutique hotel where they gave me an upgrade to a room that's twice as expensive because I'm a loyal customer, and soon I'll be going to dinner with one of my lovely colleagues. So that's pretty good.

On a different note, I'm blown away at the response to my last Unscientific Poll. Firstly, I had no idea people were so passionate about what they put on their chips. Secondly, cheers for the suggestions of new crisp flavours and sauces to try on my chips. And thirdly, I had no idea that many people were still around, particularly on LJ. It was most heartening to see. Thanks!

* Also I may have watched a few too many Miyazaki films

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