April 30th, 2014

me: wrong side of the mirror


[Schoenbrunn palace as seen from the windows of the Gloriette on the hill above.]

On Sunday, all five of us (bloke, grandparents, Humuhumu and myself) made the trip out to the Schoenbrunn palace, the summer residence of the Habsburg. You know, just a little place out in the country - with over 1500 rooms and a garden that takes hours to walk around. This was Humuhumu's and my second visit and we still didn't go inside any of the nine main buildings other than the Gloriette, which is where the coffee and cake are served and is thus the edifice of paramount importance in our view.

We brought the grandparents and bloke to the entrance on Hietzinger Tor rather than the main gates, so that we could surprise them with the incredible view after we finally made our way through the maze of tree-lined avenues and carefully sculpted topiary. Also so that Humuhumu could collect and distribute stones from the path to everyone.

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I would have liked to write more here, but I've been struggling to finish this post for the last ten minutes with a small child gleefully pouring Euro-cents all over my lap and hitting the capslock key. So that's it for Schoenbrunn this time, I'm afraid.

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