December 12th, 2013

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(Back on) Topic Meme: Day 7

(I'm playing fast and loose with the topic order, I'm afraid, since I got interrupted by conference + intensive document writing. I promise I'll get to all of them. Right now I need a break and so I'm choosing a fluffy topic.)

(Content note: All the m15m links here contain MASSIVE SPOILERS.)

[personal profile] alwayswondered wanted to know: Your top three vampire films!

I love vampire films. In fact I love most of the film-based incarnations of Dracula, even when they're really bad. I also love the book and re-read it regularly. It has such strong religious overtones. Everyone seems to forget this, including me! You might think that it would put me off, seeing as I'm a firmly established non-theist, but I really like the way a very particular Victorian morality is explicitly woven into the story, and Van Helsing's at times rather long-winded characterisation of Mina as the perfect Christian woman.

I digress. I'm not in any way completist about watching vampire films, so my experience with them is fairly haphazard and related to various periods in my life when I had the leisure time either to look them up or went to the cinema to see them. There are just a few that I will happily put on (kind of like Red Dwarf) and watch them for comfort.

  1. Underworld: Yep. I love this film so much. I love Kate Beckinsale rocking the pleather, and kicking much werewolf (and later, vampire) bottom, and doing it because she's decided sod it, she won't be chained by any sense of obligation that she hasn't chosen herself. I love it so much I have done projects for art classes based on it, and wrote an m15m of it. I have also written fanfic of it, which I'm not linking to because this post is public. I'm not too much in love with the two sequels, as the second one is incoherent and the third features zero Kate Beckinsale kicking bottom. But the fourth is inching its way up my list of favourites because Kate Beckinsale is back, and she's mum to a baby girl vamplycan who also kicks much bottom. Honestly, it's like these films are released at the points in my life where they resonate with me most.

  2. Blade: This one has fallen somewhat out of favour with me as I've gotten older and had more difficulty enjoying problematic things, but it rates being on the list because I've watched it so many times (and done fanart based on it, and an m15m of it. No fanfic though). I can still sorta forgive it for its misogyny and I can almost forget I know Wesley Snipes is a massive idiot. But most of the reason I loved it anyway was that it looked fantastic, ended in a very silly manner and had some fabulous dialogue. From my m15m:

    BLADE: Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice-skate uphill.
    BLADE:. …
    BLADE: Seriously, this movie should have ended right there.

  3. Priest: This is a new entry and at the moment is fending off various iterations of Dracula that sit below it. I think it's moody, strong-jawed fellows who spend a lot of time looking moody. And Maggie Q kicking bottom. Actually no, I know it's Maggie Q. Also inspired an an m15m.

I may now have to write a post for various interpretations of Dracula separately.

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