May 13th, 2013

mizuno: lil naughty

Iron Man 3, JUICE...and more baby photos

Last week was my first plunge back into my normal working schedule - two days in London, three working from home. My work colleagues welcomed me back to London by taking me to see Iron Man 3. Do you think they know me? I think they know me. I missed them. ♥

So let me tell you about my favourite line in the entire film, which I'm fairly certain wasn't anyone else's. Collapse )


Work on the Phase A development of the science payload for the Jupiter mission to JUICE is ramping up. You can find brief definitions of the instruments and their objectives here. The blurb for our instrument, J-MAG:

"A magnetometer to characterise the Jovian magnetic field, its interaction with the internal magnetic field of Ganymede, and to study subsurface oceans of the icy moons. The instrument will use fluxgates (inbound and outbound) sensors mounted on a boom."


And now for more photos of Baby Chewing On Things. She's teething. Thank goodness she's a good-tempered child because otherwise I think we'd probably be treated to endless screaming right now.

Image of Humuhumu in white button-down shirt and blue trackie bottoms, playing an invisible harmonica.

Collapse )

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