December 15th, 2012

kieth: crazy

No. No. Now IS the time not just to talk about gun control, but to do something about it.


Maybe it's enhanced because I recently had my own child, but the shootings in Connecticut and the kibosh on gun control discussion imposed by the White House have made me so, so angry. Why does this keep happening? Because, as The Onion summarized neatly in its caption of a photo of a woman hugging a sobbing child, "Right To Own Handheld Device That Shoots Deadly Metal Pellets At High Speed Worth All Of This".

When are we going to sort this out, America? Civilians don't need to own handguns and assault rifles. They may want to, but they don't need them. If you need to hunt to survive (and very few people's survival depends on this any more), a shotgun and some decent target practice will suffice. You don't need an assault rifle.

Never have I been more pleased to have chosen to raise my child in a country where there is a ban on ownership of the types of weapons which are primarily used to kill other people rather than edible game. I'm not saying Britain doesn't have problems. Just that I'm glad my daughter will be able to go to fucking primary school largely without fearing she'll die in a massacre enabled because one of her teachers owns a goddamn assault rifle.

Kids in a primary school were massacred. Kids in a goddamn primary school were fucking massacred. This isn't bad enough for you, America? Really? REALLY? What the hell is, then?

This was written after the Aurora shooting. Which was in July of this year. The first bloody line of this piece is: "How many more tragedies need to happen before the United States joins the modern world in banning assault weapons?" How fucking short are our memories?

From the New Statesman. "In the US, the total of firearm homicides in 2011 was eleven thousand, one hundred and one, and this year is on track to be even higher. Look at it this way: if the Connecticut attack was the only shooting yesterday, then the day's death toll would actually be below the US average. More people die from firearm homicide every year than the total number of US military casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001. More than twice as many people die from firearm homicide as in 11 September and Pearl Harbour combined. 31 people every day die on average from a firearm-related homicide. This doesn't count accidental deaths. Just murder." [emphasis mine]

The final word goes to The Onion.