November 26th, 2012

mizuno: lil naughty

Overshare Monday

I want to have words with my ancestors. Why, you ask? Because I suspect one of them of dallying with a dairy cow.

I decided to try expressing breast milk with a hand pump given to me by my sister-out-law. She recommended that I try it before Humuhumu reaches six weeks, so I can have a supply ready to put in bottles if I want or need to spend time away from the baby. I was warned by several people that it might take some practice to get out more than 1 oz (30 mL) in half an hour.

The bloke got out the sterilizer. We cleaned all the bottles and bits that were needed, and fumbled around with them until they were in the correct working order, thus answering the question, "How many PhD scientists does it take to assemble a breast pump?" (At least two, plus a sensible person on standby to phone up.)

I put pump to breast and gave it a couple of tentative squeezes.

Then I spent two minutes laughing until I cried because hello, bouncing nipple. (Yes, I am five.)

I dried my eyes and started using it in earnest. It took me 10 minutes to get 110 mL, and that did not empty my breast. This morning I tried again, and the same amount took me five minutes. As far as I'm aware, Humuhumu's stomach is only capable of taking about 60 mL during a single feed at the moment, so goodness knows why I'm, er, quite this productive. Clearly, building up a reserve supply of milk is not going to be a problem.

In conclusion, have a couple of adorable photos of the bloke bathing Humuhumu.