September 19th, 2012

laibach: kitten

Drink up me hearties yo ho

Arrr, mateys, what mischief and mayhem have ye been up to this week? Me own activities have mostly consisted of puttin' quill to parchment and dreamin' of far-flung future deeds of dering-do on distant gas planets. Less of the plunderin' and pilferin' than rightfully suits a swashbucklin' lass, but needs must when the devil drives, as the landlubbers say.

Tho' the rum-drinkin' in this household be in a woeful state of nonexistence due to me present condition, I can say that:

- The sunsets still be beautiful.

- Quartermaster Telstar still be guardin' us fiercely - Terryfyin', no?

- A venture on a cable car was had with me work colleagues in London - read all about it here.

If any of ye London lot wish to see me before I ship off with me trusty First Mate Bloke and Princess Humuhumu, I shall be in yer fair city and available for noshin' at noontide or grogtide on Wednesday 26 September for belated birthday celebrations. Yes, I've ridden this here titchy blue-green rock around a giant ball of fusing gas quite a number of times now. After that, I shall be at sea, in both literal and fig'rative senses, if ye catch me drift.