August 17th, 2012

me: ooh!

Things I Have Learnt Since I Last Posted

  1. Even if you hire removals people to pack up your house and move your things, you will still be exhausted and stressed at the end of the process.

  2. Our new house is 50% bigger than our old house. There is a conspicuous dearth of furniture.

  3. Displacing my all-time favourite, “Wymondham” which is pronounced “WIND-am”, ”Leominster” is pronounced “LEM-ster”. Oh English. Why you so crazy?

  4. There are actually still places in this country that observe a day of rest. Never try to go shopping in Bromsgrove on a Sunday, because the only places that will be open are Asda, Costa Coffee and WH Smith. Since it will also probably be raining, this does not make for a pleasant experience.

  5. The conservatory on our house was added on by a drunken BBC producer. Thankfully he doesn’t appear to have built it himself.

  6. We have a conservatory. And a library. All we need is a billiard room and we can stage Cluedo masquerade parties.

  7. Horses are very noisy in the breeding season. This is particularly noticeable when your garden fence forms part of the border to a large grazing field.

  8. My cat is not afraid of any other cats, even those that are bigger than he is. The ginger boycat next door snuck in this morning. Telstar caught him eating crunchies and after a brief hissing exchange, chased him through the cat flap. Apparently he doesn't share his territory without invitation. Wonder where he got that from. *cough*

  9. The difference in price for a peak Chiltern Railways ticket from Birmingham to London and a peak First Capital Connect ticket from Cambridge to London is not large. The former, however, provides air conditioning, free wifi, power sockets for every pair of seats, clean trains and ample leg room. And there’s a snack bar whose employees will bring hot food to you in your seat after you order it. The latter...doesn’t.

  10. People who are setting out on canal barge holidays are generally much more cheerful than those who are returning from them.