January 27th, 2012

me: ooh!

A question of immense biscuit-related import.

After seven-plus years in this country, I still have little moments of cultural revelation. Last weekend, it was biscuit-inspired. A friend had brought over a packet of Hob Nobs. I somehow failed to notice them until there were only three left. I absent-mindedly removed one from the packet, dunked it in my tea, placed it in my mouth and experienced a shock.

There was no chocolate on it.

I had hitherto never eaten a pure, unadulterated Hob Nob. Like just about everything else, I assumed that because Hob Nobs came with chocolate coating, they were the better for it.

This is not true. Not at all. A Hob Nob devoid of chocolate is not only delicious, it is better than a Hob Nob coated in chocolate.

I had to eat the other two to make sure, of course.

What do you think?
Poll #1814528 A very British question

Hob nobs are

best left unadulterated
best with a thin layer of chocolate

By forcing you to choose between these options, I am

terribly cruel.
enforcing the fallacy of binary opposites.
committing a crime against chocolate.
failing also to provide the option that says "Hob Nobs are a travesty of a biscuit that should not exist."
forgiven because I have enabled the ticky here.
allowing you to tell me that you like your Hob Nobs any way they make 'em.