January 8th, 2012

me: wrong side of the mirror

Idyllic Times, so long ago now.

Ladies and gemplums and uncategorisables, I present you with a backlog of photos from the holidays.

First, Christmas Day, on which I received a pounce from Telstar and a lot of pretty clothes as well as the usual Pile O' Books. Collapse )

Next, a trip to the seaside town of Southwold with the Little Niece and Little Nephew 2 on a quest for All The Fish for their mummy's birthday feast. Collapse )

The 1000-piece jigsaw completed by Father-Out-Law and myself whilst listening to sea shanties and reciting poetry. Collapse )

The bloke went on a shoot and brought home some avian prizes. Collapse )

Finally, a thing I painted. It's not finished because the two halves aren't blended together very well yet. It's rather larger than most of my pieces. Collapse )