December 16th, 2011

me: wrong side of the mirror

The Magnificent Seven: #2, Tower Hamlets Cemetery

Next on my list of Magnificent Seven cemeteries was the youngest of them, Tower Hamlets (established 1841). Unlike most of the others, it's been closed to new burials for several decades. The large blocks of empty plots at the far end are a haven for wildlife, and it teems with birds and squirrels in daylight.

The prevailing fashion in burial statuary seemed to be for urns, often encircled by inscribed stone hearts, rather than for the angels that inhabit Brompton Cemetery.

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kieth: crazy

Of all the words in the English language...

I was sitting peacefully on my train home this evening. I decided I couldn't cope with Boswell's Life of Samuel Johnson just then. I opted instead to melt my brain by doing the puzzles in the Evening Standard - which is the only reason I pick up the Evening Standard because I certainly don't read the damn thing - when this happened. And I gawped at it for a while in disbelief. And then took photos of it. And then gawped at it some more.

And then decided the interwebs needed to know about it. REALLY couldn't find yourself a less loaded word to put in your crossword puzzle, ES? REALLY?! WHAT THE HELL WAS WRONG WITH 'NEARS'?